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How can you share just one day?

Happy Wednesday to all of you! I have been sitting here for about an hour trying to figure out what to share today for what I ate Wednesday.......   I have too much to share, lol! I was having a very difficult time tryi g to narrow it down to one day, so I decided… Continue reading How can you share just one day?

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WIAW – the good and the bad

Hello my friends, how are you guys this week?  I am hoping that your week is going great, and that your hearts are lighter this week. It is another Wednesday, which means another WIAW party!  Of course you guys should pop over to Peas and Crayons to check out all the links.  I love to… Continue reading WIAW – the good and the bad

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Adventures in the kitchen

Happy hump day to you all!!  It is a very rainy, nasty Wednesday here in south Louisiana…..what else is new? Oh the joys of living in the south!  As many of you know from yesterday’s post.  Thanks to all who responded, I really appreciate the help.  Of course today is my run day, which if… Continue reading Adventures in the kitchen

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Random Eats

Hello my wonderful friends, how is your week going?  Mine is hectic as usual.  There are times when I sit and wonder what life would be like if my schedule wasn’t so hectic, I must say the thought is kind of frightening! But today is what I ate Wednesday, which will show you randomness from… Continue reading Random Eats

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WIAW…hodgepodge of stuff

Hello my lovlies, how is your week going?  Mine, not to shabby I must admit.  I went for a little run yesterday (the first in a week or so), and the wind kicked my butt!! It was definitely blowing because my pace was between 11-12 (usually have a 10 pace),  and I was so out… Continue reading WIAW…hodgepodge of stuff

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Mardi Gras – WIAW

Hello my wonderful friends!  How is your week so far?  Well for me it is fab at this point since this is my first day at work this week 🙂     I mean a little drizzly rain/shower can’t stop us!  We are true Louisianans 🙂           Oh year Mardi Gras was going down, and… Continue reading Mardi Gras – WIAW

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WIAW; is it a rumor??

It is still gloomy in my little corner of the world today.  My body is officially in sleep mode.  I am serious!  I really think that I feel so unmotivated to get up and go because I haven’t seen the sun in 9…….yep 9 whole days!!!!! Rumor has it it will be sunny tomorrow.  Rumor… Continue reading WIAW; is it a rumor??

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When the braces came off

Wow it is already Wednesday!  For some reason this week is just flying by.  I have so much to do at work before leaving for the holidays, and I am not so sure it will be accomplished! But first we have to cover our weekly What I Ate Wednesday.  Cause you know that is more… Continue reading When the braces came off

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What I Ate Wednesday

Well I can’t really say that I have such a stellar post prepared to share with you guys this week.  I have been enjoying some new recipes, as well as some basic things that I usually eat (such as salads), but in all honesty I haven’t been photographing every little thing I have been eating. … Continue reading What I Ate Wednesday