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Spring Cleaning

If you ate way too much Easter candy yesterday, raise your hand! If you ate way too much dessert yesterday, raise your hand! If you indulged in yummy food of the not so healthy kind yesterday, raise your hand! If you didn’t raise your hand to at least one of these, you’re lying.  Either that… Continue reading Spring Cleaning

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This ain’t McD’s chicken nuggets

Everything is going fabulously over here at Isle Helen, thanks for asking! But there is one thing I should probably tell you about……   There is no McD’s over here on Isle Helen.  We don’t do fake food here.  We do real food.  Real & healthy food.  Food that makes you wish you never had… Continue reading This ain’t McD’s chicken nuggets

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all about apples

Note:  Kohl is feeling much better and back at school today.  We had the virus over the weekend.  Hopefully this will be the last of it – 3 times is enough!  My allergies are still in full force but that is to be expected.  Thanks for all of your well wishes 🙂 Unfortunately due to… Continue reading all about apples