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Unplug and Relax!

Most people think I am crazy when I say "I so need a vacation" when I have an entire summer off. While it does sound like a crazy thing to say.......the simple fact is even a summer at home is still no break! For my stay-at-Home mommies out there - you will get this! For… Continue reading Unplug and Relax!

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What happens on a nine hour drive….

Nothing!  Absolutely nothing.  You sleep (at least as much as you can), you read, you complain, and you finally break out the camera to take photos of the drive.  At least once the sun comes up, we left at 4 a.m.!! I had a wonderful chauffer for the drive ๐Ÿ™‚ We drove by a few… Continue reading What happens on a nine hour drive….


Break’s Over

Guess what?โ€ฆ.Iโ€™m back!!  No shaking your heads at me.  I needed a break.  I mean come on hurt ankle, job switch, stress, etc.  I really just needed some head clearing time.  Thankfully that is what I had ๐Ÿ™‚ So how was vacation you ask??  Fabulous.  We have actually been home from vacation for several days,… Continue reading Break’s Over