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Two for Tuesday – cleaning

So why am I talking about cleaning today?  Well simple!  I need to “spring clean”.  I know this really doesn’t make sense to many people.  I mean how does this tie into two for Tuesday? Well because this is my goal for April, you know my one personal goal that I want to achieve.  You… Continue reading Two for Tuesday – cleaning


I have one excuse

I didn’t post yesterday.  Like duh I know that you noticed that.  I almost didn’t want to post today.  Not because I do not feel like writing.  Or because I have nothing to share.  Simply put I am very busy! I decided I needed to do some spring cleaning.  This is nothing new for me. … Continue reading I have one excuse

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Spring Cleaning

If you ate way too much Easter candy yesterday, raise your hand! If you ate way too much dessert yesterday, raise your hand! If you indulged in yummy food of the not so healthy kind yesterday, raise your hand! If you didn’t raise your hand to at least one of these, you’re lying.  Either that… Continue reading Spring Cleaning