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WIAW: Best of….

Happy Hump Day! I love Wednesday’s….don’t you?  It means the week is half over.  It means two short days until the weekend.  It means my blog post practically writes itself thanks to Jenn over at Peas & Crayons!   Why?…..because it is What I Ate Wednesday!  A great link party hosted by none other than… Continue reading WIAW: Best of….

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WIAW – catch up edition

See, I’m still alive and kicking! I know, if I was your mother and I disappeared without a word for several, several days then child services would be involved, your hearts would be broken, and I would go to a place that doesn’t know what the heck a whole food is! But thank goodness I… Continue reading WIAW – catch up edition

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what I am loving right now!

Wow what a week.  We have been slam packed with ball games this week.  As well as homework! I mean really, do you remember having so much homework as a kid.  This makes it super tuff with ball season in full swing.  We usually get home around 4:00 p.m. from work/school.  We have to be… Continue reading what I am loving right now!

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Strawberry-Banana – Ballfield

Happy Saturday! We had a full day today.  This day included lots of family time, which always makes me smile.  Oh and a good bit of sun.  My lovely white legs are appreciating that! So what type of breakfast can one possibly come up with for such a glorious day? A breakfast that includes oat… Continue reading Strawberry-Banana – Ballfield

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gettin my coucous on

Voice is a little better.  At least people can understand me now 🙂 The husband doesn’t really know about this yet since he worked today, maybe I shouldn’t let him know this.  I kind of like being spoiled pampered a little. This mornings breakfast was the usual Saturday pancakes ~ with a little twist! German… Continue reading gettin my coucous on

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to chew or not to chew

Not to chew 😦  Why or why, I wonder daily, did I have to be the lucky person to need adult braces?  I was obviously very naughty in my past life, or maybe I am very naughty in my current one, hmmm!  I would punch TMJ and alignment in the facehole if I could :)… Continue reading to chew or not to chew

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Cupcakes & Stoup

I love snow free days!  🙂 I am so happy that school was called off yesterday considering that the hubster turned the alarm off this morning, by accident, and we didn’t roll out of bed until 6:40 a.m.!  Umm, dear I think  you will be late for work…. I stumbled to the kitchen to make… Continue reading Cupcakes & Stoup

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baking…for relief

This morning started off as any usual Saturday morning for me.  I was up around 6:00 a.m. and wishing that for once I could have slept in a little later.  After years of working and having the two boy I can’t seem to sleep past this time unless I am out and awake extremely late. … Continue reading baking…for relief

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lunch box

I was 12 minutes late leaving my house this morning.  Not 10, not 15, nope 12  minutes exactly.  Why??  Well of course it is the kiddos my fault! I have to take the blame on this one.  You see last night all I could think about was pecan pie!  Yep, I totally missed out on… Continue reading lunch box

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Fresh is Best!

UGH…..yep those are my words every morning.  Ugh….I need more sleep.  Ugh….my mouth tastes nasty (sorry but we all know it’s true).  Ugh…these darned rubber bands on these braces are aggravating…..on and on and on.  I could list a million but I will not grace bore you with my lovely morning personality! So what was… Continue reading Fresh is Best!