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Hello my name is Helen and…..

I’m a binge eater!  I think it is high time to fess up to this and own it.  I am not trying to mock people with eating disorders, or to down play the severity of their disorders, but I am one who occasionally suffers from the horror of binge eating. Take last night for instance. … Continue reading Hello my name is Helen and…..

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Songs about rain…..

It’s raining here.  It has been raining here for a week.  I am not kidding, no exaggeration!  RAIN FOR A WEEK!! Now it’s not only raining but cold too.  I can deal with cold.  I can deal with SOME rain.  I cannot deal with a WEEK of rain and cold at the same time! PLEASE… Continue reading Songs about rain…..

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Haul: Workout clothing & Menu

So sorry this post is so late, but we did return back to work today with a very long meeting.  That and I am helping my girlfriend with her health and fitness plan, yay!! So here is a quick video I recorded yesterday followed by this weeks food plan 🙂 p.s. please keep in mind… Continue reading Haul: Workout clothing & Menu