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it’s all about the cake

What’s better than an entire day of rain?  The kind of rain that is blowing into you from the side therefore making your umbrella useless.  The kind of rain that has your jeans soaked from the knee down when going to your car after work because the water can’t drain away fast enough.  Don’t close… Continue reading it’s all about the cake

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need a quick dinner idea?

You are in luck because I’ve got one 🙂 It has been an eventful day for some of us in the family.  Kohl and I attended a preschool parade at the local Headstart.  I guess I should say Kohl attended.  I service the babies at that center so I technically was working today, but hey… Continue reading need a quick dinner idea?

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the big 5-0

I like to tell every one that I am an independent and secure woman.  Many people ask how I can claim to be independent if I am married.  Yes, I am married.  But still very independent.  Sure I depend on the husband for such things as oil changes and lawn mowing ( I am after… Continue reading the big 5-0