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30 minute meals – Bruschetta Chicken

Do you remember when you first starting watching Food Network?  Yeah, I don't remember that exactly myself.  However, I do remember one of the first shows that I started "following" on the program - Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals! I use to love to watch that show......not because of Rachel Ray.  Don't get me wrong,… Continue reading 30 minute meals – Bruschetta Chicken

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The Power of Addiction

What is addiction? Simply put it is intensely craving something, loss of control over the use of it, and continuing the consumption/use despite the consequences. There are oh so many things in life that one can be addicted to. Anything ranging from actual substances, to actions, and even to material things.....think hoarders. Today I am… Continue reading The Power of Addiction

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Random Eats

Hello my wonderful friends, how is your week going?  Mine is hectic as usual.  There are times when I sit and wonder what life would be like if my schedule wasn’t so hectic, I must say the thought is kind of frightening! But today is what I ate Wednesday, which will show you randomness from… Continue reading Random Eats

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slumpin & slippin

I have been in a food funk lately.  I have been slumpin and slippin all over the place with my eats lately.  I am starting my day off great with a healthy breakfast, packing a sensible lunch, then………………… CHOCOLATE HAPPENS! It’s everywhere, on every corner, in my face all the time!  And you guys know… Continue reading slumpin & slippin

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always up for a challenge

Happy hump day my friends.  Once again need I remind you not to go there with me, get your mind on something else for pumpkin’s sake!! I mean I just went through a dang hurricane.  Only to return to work with a broken air conditioner.  Which was like going back through a hurricane again.  Well… Continue reading always up for a challenge