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Throwback Thursday

Quick update for those that are interested – the area schools are now off of lockdown, the shooter was captured yesterday.  He returned to the home to wait for more family members to come back surely with the intention to shoot again.  The police escorted some family members to the home yesterday to gather a… Continue reading Throwback Thursday

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Give me your ideas

So I can claim them for my own……bahhahahahahahahahaha……(insert evil laugh, look here)!! No not really.  I am going to start a series here on Helen, Naturally.  Pretty comical if you ask me.  Which of course involves all of you my trusty, wonderful readers 🙂 (oats w/ lots of toppings) It will be known as the… Continue reading Give me your ideas

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That pretty much sums up my Saturday! If yesterday was all about the cake.  Today is all about the cleanse because I am feeling the affects from so much sugar.  I never actually made a meal for last night’s dinner.  Instead I snacked my way through it.  Something I very rarely do, now I remember… Continue reading rain, coffee, new hair color, movies

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I’m New – Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di

Well aren’t I just the queen of try all things new today!  Why, yes I am the queen.  Just ask my husband, he will laugh at agree with me 🙂 You know sometimes you just want to have something new in your life.  Since I can’t have new kids or a new husband (I really… Continue reading I’m New – Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di