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Summer 2018 Bucket List

With last Thursday being the first day of summer it only seems appropriate to talk about summer festivities.  Now to those of us here in the south - we have been in the summer season since April.  Actually we have had summertime type days scattered here and there since February/March.  I can remember throwing on… Continue reading Summer 2018 Bucket List

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Unplug and Relax!

Most people think I am crazy when I say "I so need a vacation" when I have an entire summer off. While it does sound like a crazy thing to say.......the simple fact is even a summer at home is still no break! For my stay-at-Home mommies out there - you will get this! For… Continue reading Unplug and Relax!

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time flies when….

There are moments when I wish that I could make time slow down.  Today I have had several of those moments.  A wonderful afternoon of baking/cooking, and a wonderful family "date" 😉    I not only like Saturday & Sunday because they are the days of the weekend.  I also like them because I have time to spend in my… Continue reading time flies when….