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Beef and Broccoli

I have a confession. As much as I love to spend time in my kitchen making yummy meals for me family......I really do LOVE simple meals! Dishes that only have a few ingredients, come together quickly, and are super tasty......yeah those are the ones that have a special place in my food/cooking heart! Which is… Continue reading Beef and Broccoli

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WIAW spring break edition

Have I told you lately that I am on spring break this week?  Oh I have, mmkay.  Well have I told you that I have been cleaning like crazy this week?  Oh I have, mkay.  Well have I told you that I have big plans to bake/cook this week?  I didn’t!  Oh well I do… Continue reading WIAW spring break edition

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Crustless Quiche

I have had several requests for the recipe on the quiche I posted yesterday.  It has me excited.  I love it when my readers request a recipe.  That means that my food at least looks like it tastes good…lol! But I kid you not, this quiche is as tasty as it looks.  Not to mention… Continue reading Crustless Quiche