Maskcara Beauty

A few years ago I became very interested in cleaning up my ENTIRE life – which meant beauty products, cleaning products, etc.  Did you know that any products that you put on your body is absorbed by your skin and taken into the body by the blood stream?  What you put on your skin/body doesn’t just stay on your body, it goes into it as well!

Not only did I want to clean up my beauty products, but I wanted them to also be affordable and SIMPLE!  Being a busy mom of two with a full time job + PRN job, I just do not have the time to spend an hour on my makeup using 50 different products!

I discovered Maskcara Beauty products and haven’t looked back.  The products are paraben free, gluten free, and cruelty free.  We do not claim anything like “all natural” or “pure” or any phrases like that because they are NOT regulated phrases. So pretty much, anyone could say it, then hide their ingredients, and be lying about it.  The best part??  It is super simple.  You have all of your makeup products to apply an entire face of makeup in ONE simple palette!

Interested in ordering or have quetions you want answered?  I would love to help customize your Maskcara Beauty experience.  E-mail me ( to get color matched or check out the full product line here.