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Two for Tuesday – cleaning

So why am I talking about cleaning today?  Well simple!  I need to “spring clean”.  I know this really doesn’t make sense to many people.  I mean how does this tie into two for Tuesday? Well because this is my goal for April, you know my one personal goal that I want to achieve.  You… Continue reading Two for Tuesday – cleaning

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Monday Moments

Do you know what makes Monday’s worse than just being Monday?  Gloominess.  Rain, cold, clouds, lack of sleep, puffy eyes, allergies, and a to do list that seems to be a mile long! Yep, that is how my Monday started.  We woke up to such nasty weather after such a beautiful weekend.  Of course the… Continue reading Monday Moments

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What I Feel Wednesday

I realize that today is suppose to be what I ate Wednesday, but honestly that is kinda boring!  You pretty much saw it last week.  As I stated on Monday, I started the Conscious Cleanse this week so food is pretty basic.  I will give you a run down of what I am eating, but… Continue reading What I Feel Wednesday

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Two for Tuesday

So I have really enjoyed sharing a two for Tuesday with you guys lately.  Motivation is just awesome!  As a person that always looks for motivational things for health/fitness to share with my friends for motivation, I naturally want to share them with my online friends as well.  So in other words expect to see… Continue reading Two for Tuesday