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I suck as a blogger lately!  No really I do!  I have to confess to that. Between work, kids, hubby I am sure that I am sucking at many things lately.  Now you may ask exactly why do I feel this way? Because I haven’t pulled my camera out of it’s bag in weeks.  I… Continue reading Confessions……

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Two for Tuesday

Wow what a week, and it is only Tuesday!  For those of you that were not aware of how fabulous my week started…….I’ll get to that in a minute! First I would like to thank all of you for our words of encouragement, prayers, thoughts, etc on yesterdays post concerning my baby cousin’s battle with… Continue reading Two for Tuesday

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Birchbox – March

Oh I can’t wait to share this one with you guys.  My brichbox for March shipped this week, and oh boy is it a good one!! **Birchbox is a monthly subscription program for beauty products.  You basically get a “sample box” of various products to sample every month.  Visit the website to learn more** This… Continue reading Birchbox – March

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Who needs magazines?

My love for magazine subscriptions began years ago (we will not say how many) in high school.  What girl didn’t have Seventeen magazine come to her in the mail?  I mean it was the best way to pick out dresses for homecoming, prom, hairstyles, and lots more. I use to be a subscription whore!  There… Continue reading Who needs magazines?

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Mrs. Personality

ESFJ – Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging???? What is your personality type? Have you ever taken a personality quiz?  Well I did one yesterday afternoon out of curiosity.  Most of the time I pay no attention to such foolishness, but I was bored!  I remember taking one in college, in my freshman seminar class, just as… Continue reading Mrs. Personality