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30 minute meals – Bruschetta Chicken

Do you remember when you first starting watching Food Network?  Yeah, I don't remember that exactly myself.  However, I do remember one of the first shows that I started "following" on the program - Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals! I use to love to watch that show......not because of Rachel Ray.  Don't get me wrong,… Continue reading 30 minute meals – Bruschetta Chicken

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Primally Pure

If you have been a long time reader you know that my little blog was started because of my desire to live a healthier, more natural life.  Cleaning up the diet was no small feat, but it was fairly easy to do.  From there I moved on to safer cleaning products – even making my… Continue reading Primally Pure

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It’s a mystery!!

I am so thankful for all of the positive feedback I have been getting the past several days over my new position as an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay. This company is so awesome! We really are focused on enriching women's lives which I feel is so important. Not only does the company focus… Continue reading It’s a mystery!!

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Drum roll……

So I was thinking that I wouldn’t announce my newest news until next week; however, things have progressed more quickly than I expected.  So I decided to give you guys the news today.  After all it is Friday so great things are destined for today anyway 🙂 I now have a new and additional job… Continue reading Drum roll……

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Life changing?……

Such a loaded question wouldn't you agree? What makes something life changing to you? For myself many things can be life changing. Even the smallest, simplest of things can be considered life changing. So today I am going to share something with you that I consider life changing!! The lovely little product above is something… Continue reading Life changing?……

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I suck as a blogger lately!  No really I do!  I have to confess to that. Between work, kids, hubby I am sure that I am sucking at many things lately.  Now you may ask exactly why do I feel this way? Because I haven’t pulled my camera out of it’s bag in weeks.  I… Continue reading Confessions……

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Two for Tuesday

Wow what a week, and it is only Tuesday!  For those of you that were not aware of how fabulous my week started…….I’ll get to that in a minute! First I would like to thank all of you for our words of encouragement, prayers, thoughts, etc on yesterdays post concerning my baby cousin’s battle with… Continue reading Two for Tuesday