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Tis the Season

Growing up we had several traditions for the Christmas holiday, nothing really extravagant, but a few things that we have always done for the holidays.  These traditions, like driving around looking at lights, are things that I remember the most about the holiday.  I remember the few traditions that we had more than most of my actual gifts!

I absolutely love Christmas!  It is just so magical and fun.  So naturally as an adult I have kept some of our traditions alive with my own family, but I have also started new traditions with them.  Some traditions were things that I wanted to always do, while others were just plain ol trendy…..ahem – the ELF!

Even though my boys are teenagers now, we still continue with our traditions.  Yes, the ELF still comes out every year.  Yes, the ELF still moves around.  Just not as frequently as he use to!

So I have put together a small list of things that are my favorite traditions for the holidays.  I am sharing our traditions with you today in hopes to encourage you to start your own, or possible add to the ones that you already have.  Spoil your family with tradition and time spent together!

  • Decorating inside/outside of your home
  • Listen to Christmas music
  • Send out Christmas cards
  • Go see Christmas lights
  • Make homemade hot chocolate
  • Have some eggnog (w/bourbon for adults)
  • Gingerbread house
  • Making cookies/candies
  • Attend candle light service at church
  • Elf on the Shelf
  • Allow kids to open one Christmas eve gift
  • Watch Frosty & Rudolf
  • Have a holiday party
  • Advent bible study
  • Read a Christmas story
  • Have open house w/ appetizers & wine on Christmas eve
  • Make reindeer food for Christmas eve
  • Make chocolate chip cookies for Santa
  • Make winter sangria for Christmas dinner
  • Visit family
  • Steal a gift game

These are the things that we do as a family every Christmas.  There are many other traditions that my friends have, and I love to hear how they all celebrate the season.  What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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