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Be Who You Needed…..

I saw this posted on a social media platform over the weekend, and it resonated with me instantly.  I can vividly remember all the various phases of my life.  I am sure that many of you can remember them as well…..

  • The awkward pre-teen years when I was comparing myself to others because I wasn’t developing as quickly.
  • Those “dramatic” teenage years when you loved every single person you dated, and knew that he was just the one. I do mean EVERY single boy!  Come on – you guys know it is true.
  • Those awkward years after high school when you were trying to figure out the adult thing.  Learning to be independent, responsible, but still not knowing what the heck you wanted to do with your life!
  • Those first moments after your wedding when you were in bliss thinking that life was complete and couldn’t get any better…..all while stressing over having the BEST marriage ever.
  • The excitement of being a new mom to a precious baby, all the love you felt, while also being terrified of the responsibility of taking care of a baby.
  • This one holds true for some of us……How much of a failure you felt when your marriage crumbled, how hard it was to “swallow” the divorce pill. Only to face the situation of being on your own again – and scared to death of the financial burden you would face.
  • Raising you children! This phase of life goes on for years.  No matter how old they are you are always worried about them, and constantly second guessing your decisions as a parent.  At this point your greatest fear is failing them!

This list could go on and on.  This list will be different for everyone.  This list should drive who you need to be.

Be someone that is confident.  Be someone that is driven.  Stop putting yourself down and only seeing your flaws.  Go for your dreams.  We are constantly telling out younger generation that they are beautiful, smart, and always pushing them to strive for more.  I know I am always telling my boy they can accomplish anything in life as long as they work for it.

So why not tell yourself this?  Why not strive to accomplish your dreams?  Stop belittling yourselves.  Be confident in who you are, how you look, and in your abilities to do great things.  I know that for myself, I want to be the person I needed when I was younger to tell me these things.  So I challenge you this month to spend time on you!  If you need to take time for yourself, take it.  Really think about what you want to accomplish and formulate a plan to do that.  Stop stressing over your size/hair/skin, etc.  Just love yourself where you are right now, at this moment!

This picture will be printed and placed where I can see it daily.  I will use this as a reminder that I am beautiful, cherished, loved, and I can accomplish great things.  If you need that little boost in your life…..then print it for yourself.  Place it by your mirror, on your lock screen, wallpaper, vision board, etc.  Just as long as you can see it daily, multiple times a day, to remind you to be the person that you needed when you were younger.  BE YOUR CHEERLEADER!

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