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Maskcara Beauty

I will admit that I am a beauty product addict.  I have tried most all types of products from all price ranges!  Always on the hunt for products that have phenomenal results.  You know what I am talking about – promises of getting rid of your fine lines/wrinkles, promises to cover discoloration, promises to be the healthiest product for your skin.  I have tried so many.

My makeup collection use to be huge.  I am talking you tube beauty guru HUGE.  Thankfully as I have aged I have also grown frustrated with the number of products that I had.  I longed for simplicity.  I longed for easy.  I longed for makeup to enhance what I have instead of trying to “fix it”!  This is how I came across Maskcara Beauty.  The best, simplest makeup that I have ever had.  I have been using the makeup for two months now, and I have to admit guys…….I have no intentions of ever going back!  The idea behind the makeup is exactly what I have been looking for.  Now I can complete all of my makeup from one simple pallet within 10 minutes easily!  Does your makeup do that?

The idea behind the makeup is that our faces are not one dimensional……so it is 3D makeup.  Also known as HACing or highlighting and contouring.  It uses a few shades of their products to give you such a beautiful finished look.  The makeup serves as your foundation and concealer.  I use two highlight colors, one to help cover the redness in my face, the other to help brighten my complexion.  I have a contour color to give my face dimension, a bronzer to help warm my complexion, and a beautiful cheek/lip color.  In addition to the highlight/contour/cheek colors I use four of the eye shadow colors to complete the look.  One of the eye shadow colors serves as my brow powder, while another serves as my eyeliner.  Which means that I literally have my ENTIRE face in one compact!  Guys this is life changing!

No more digging around in a drawer full of makeup or a bag full of product.  Traveling has never been easier.  Not only are the makeup products awesome, but the makeup brushes are some of the best I have ever used.  All of the brushes are double ended, and they can be used – you guessed it, to complete your entire look.  Which also makes packing even easier.

Want more information on Maskcara Beauty?  Follow the link above or email me ( to get more information.

Guys……no need to pass this post up!  These products are perfect for Christmas gifts too 🙂

We also have a 12 days of Maskcara holiday event.  This event will include makeup tutorials, games, and chances to win prizes!  Our team of artists have teamed up to provide quality information and 1k in prizes for you!  No purchase necessary to participate/win prizes.  If you would like to be included send me a message, and I will get the link to you!


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