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Seasons of Life

I originally planned this post for my 40 year old mamas out there.  After all I will be 40 in a few short days.  As I was typing it, I realized that this goes for others as well.  You see I have great friends that are in all walks of life.  Ranging from 20-40.  Moms of adults that have started their own families, moms of young adults still in college, moms of teenagers, moms of children, moms of toddlers, and even moms of babies.  Brand new babies for some.  After reading some of the content I realized it is the same advice that I give many of them regardless of age and family status.  So here we go….

To the 20 year old ladies.  You are in such a fun phase of life.  Just starting to find your path, live your dreams.  You are currently going through/finishing college, finding first time homes, getting engaged/married, and just ultimately living life to it’s fullest.  Your daily/weekly issues deal with what to wear out with friends, where to eat, and if you would like a cocktail or wine with dinner.  Trust me – the same questions will be asked for the rest of your life.  You have time to enjoy friends, you have time to date, shop, dress, and stay out late.  Life at this point revolves around your plans.  Your body is likely in good shape.  You have yet to endure body changes from childbirth.  Love your body, cherish this season… doesn’t last forever.  

To the 30 year old ladies.  You are busy.  You are tired.  You too are in such a fun phase of life.  You likely have babies by now.  You are juggling careers, household responsibilities, husbands, and children.  Your schedule revolves around others constantly.  You eat when they eat, you sleep when they sleep, you bathe when they bathe you bathe on occasions.  You are sleep deprived.  Your most cherished products are wet wipes and dry shampoo.  Yet you love to see delight in your children’s eyes, feel their tiny hands in yours, feel their arms around your neck.  The I love you mommy makes it all so worth it.  While you absolutely love life, you can’t help but feel that you are missing out.  Your body has changed drastically from creating life.  You feel like you have a road map from the chest to your thighs – be proud!  You created a life from scratch.  Love your body, cherish this season……it doesn’t last forever.  

To the 40 year old ladies.  I am you.  We have made it to the teenage/young adult years.  We stress constantly over our parenting skills.  Are we raising responsible, compassionate people?  They likely want to spend little time with us now.  They are busy with their hobbies and friends.  Yes they still love us, but they have their own little lives to live.  We now have time to eat, sleep, and bathe.  We have time to enjoy date nights again, go to concerts, and spend time with friends.  We love having some of our freedom back, yet we miss having our little ones rely on us.  We are scared for their futures.  We live day to day tracking their schedules, grades, friends, etc.  In an attempt to stay sane we have committed to our personal health again.  We try to eat right, exercise, and take care of our bodies.  We are likely still discouraged with what we see.  After all that road map never goes away.  Be proud – you created a life from scratch.  Love your body, cherish this season……it doesn’t last forever.  

So you see, each decade has it’s pros/cons.  Each season of life has it’s adventures, and it has challenges.  Yet each season of life is bliss.  Each season of life is worth going through.  Regardless of where you are, where your body is… proud!  Love your body, cherish the season……it doesn’t last forever.  

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