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30 minute meals – Bruschetta Chicken

Do you remember when you first starting watching Food Network?  Yeah, I don’t remember that exactly myself.  However, I do remember one of the first shows that I started “following” on the program – Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals!

I use to love to watch that show……not because of Rachel Ray.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like her.  The whole 30 minute meal thing is what drew me in.  Who doesn’t like a 30 minute meal?  Now be honest, how many of you tried various recipes from her show that ended up being longer than 30 minutes?  Yeah, I tried a lot too!

Today’s meal that I am sharing is so super easy.  So super tasty.  Only has three ingredients, and it truly only takes 30 minutes!

Bruschetta Chicken

  • four chicken breast, pounded to similar thickness
  • salt/pepper/seasoning
  • one container of bruschetta sauce (I get mine from Trader Joe’s….any will do)
  • mozzarella cheese shreds

Season chicken breast and place in a pre-heated pan to saute.  Once the chicken is done top with bruschetta sauce and cover to heat through.  Top with shredded mozzarella cheese.  Serve with your favorite sides!

That is it guys!  I told you 30 minutes – from start to finish…..maybe even a little less??  My family loves this meal.  It is a healthy, tasty meal that I can get everyone to agree on.  Perfect for those busy afternoons when you are crunched for time to make a nice meal.

Share some of your favorite/go to quick & healthy meals in the comments 🙂

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