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Primally Pure

If you have been a long time reader you know that my little blog was started because of my desire to live a healthier, more natural life.  Cleaning up the diet was no small feat, but it was fairly easy to do.  From there I moved on to safer cleaning products – even making my own with essential oils.  I very rarely purchase cleaning products anymore.  Of course from household items, I began to delve into self-care/beauty products.  At first I attempted to research making my own, but let’s be honest – Who. Has. Time. For. That?  Not me!  While I liked the idea of making my own products, I just didn’t want to do it.  Sure investing in the ingredients was not very hard or expensive, I just really LOVE the act of treating myself to awesome products that are amazing!

Finding safer beauty products at affordable prices has been a passion of mine for about a year now.  I had no idea how many toxins were lurking in the products I used!  I am very happy to share a wonderful women-run company that offers just that – safe, non-toxic, minimal ingredients you can pronounce, and affordable skincare.

I have to admit that my road to safer beauty products has hit many bumps and road blocks along the way.  I have tried so many!  Of course I first started out trying products from various companies claiming to be natural & cruelty free……only to find that many of those companies were still using preservatives/chemicals/toxins in their products.  How sad it is that you have to actively research all claims in today’s world, but research I did.  This led me down to purchasing some very expensive products.  Now don’t get me wrong, they were wonderful!  I loved several of them that I tried…….but let’s be honest, I am no Hollywood star that can dish out HUNDREDS of dollars on a four step skincare routine.  Thankfully I was persistent in finding the best products at the best prices.


“We believe in daily baths, taking time to establish a good-for-the-soul morning routine, spending time in the great ourdoors and giving back + serving others.  Beauty goes much deeper than simply skincare.  Beauty is caring for oneself and others while cherishing and nurturing the gift of life we’ve all been given.  We strive to cultivate/lead/live our lives in the same way we creat our skincare:  infused with simplicity, integrity, and beauty.”

Those. Statements. Right. There.  Once I read the words that were on their about page, I immediately started looking at all of the products they offer.  Now I am not sure how you shop for new items/routines, but I like to first read about the company.  If the company doesn’t have the same vision/values that I have, or at least ones that I like, then I most certainly do not want to support them.

Here are just a few of my favorite items from this amazing company!


Finding a natural deodorant that actually WORKS is like winning an Olympic gold medal!  No seriously guys, it is one of the hardest products to replace.  I have gone through so, so many.  My search is over!!  It comes in several different scents, and in two different sizes.  I would suggest that you try out a couple different ones to find the one that you love.  Me – I love the blue tansy deodorant…..because I love blue tansy scent!  Right now you can save 10% on the blue tansy deodorant by using the code HN10

Beauty Cream:

Love, love, love this item!  The beauty creams are derived using only 5 ingredients.  They leave your skin feeling super soft!  Who doesn’t love soft skin?  A little goes a really long way!  I am currently using the blue tansy cream.  Blue tansy essential oil helps to soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

Complexion Mist:

The complexion mists are very hydrating.  As with the other items that are available, this too comes in a few different varieties.  All of the mists are suitable for all skin types, and they can be rotated in your regimen.  Live in a hot climate like I do?  Place the bottle in the fridge and spritz on your face for a very cooling, hydrating, and soothing treat!

Lip Balm:

I do not know about you, but I cannot go a day without my lip balm.  Their lip balms are available in 5 delicious scents, they contain only a few ingredients, and will keep your lips a smooth feeling that lasts.  I am NEVER without my lip balm.

You can follow this link to Primally Pure, and check out the amazing products for yourself!

**Disclaimer** Helen Naturally is an affiliate with several different companies, Primally Pure included. As an affiliate, it means that if you click on a link and buy certain items, we will receive a small commission for your sale. There are no higher prices or fees, the price is the same for you. Please note that I only endorse products that I believe in, use, support and feel would be of value to my readers. Affiliate commissions help to offset costs of running my blog, and I appreciate your support!

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