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The Power of Addiction

What is addiction? Simply put it is intensely craving something, loss of control over the use of it, and continuing the consumption/use despite the consequences. There are oh so many things in life that one can be addicted to. Anything ranging from actual substances, to actions, and even to material things…..think hoarders.

Today I am going to talk about what has been deemed as the most addictive thing in my life – SUGAR! Ah, sugar. It is found in almost everything we as humans consume. We use sugar to keep us going, to “make” us feel better, and to celebrate with. Think about it! We so often consume it without even realizing it since companies have found so many ways to hide it.

“Excess sugar, especially refined sugar, has been linked to suppressed immune system, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, premature aging, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, headaches, overeating, mood swings, asthma and allergies, highly acidic blood, inflammation, and insomnia.”

Excerpt From The Conscious Cleanse

So what are we to do about this epidemic? First you need to break your sugar habit! I know, I know – easier said than done. Or is it? The best way is to just stop consuming it. That’s right! Cold turkey stop! Replace your sweet treats with fruit. Of course this will require you to clean out your fridge and pantry to rid them of all junk foods. If it isn’t there, it can’t tempt you.

Then replace them with fruit. Fruits of all kind! Seriously, when I say eat the rainbow-eat the freakin rainbow! You may want to start off with fruits that you are familiar with, but I encourage you to try new ones! You will come to love some great new foods that have wonderful nutrients for your body.

Your next step is to read labels. Read everything you pick up. As stated above companies are sneaking it in to everything now, just to keep you addicted! Because if you are addicted to their foods, you will continue to buy them. So READ LABELS!

Last but not least – the easiest thing is to stick to the perimeter of the store. If you do not go into the isles, you aren’t tempted by foods, and you will eliminate the need to read most labels. You should only go into the center isles for spices, oils, flours, nut butters, coffee, and teas. You will still need to read labels for nut butters and breads. Also, start picking up your salad dressings from the produce section. Several have very clean ingredients. Some may still have sugar, so be careful!

Once you break the addiction you will feel so much better. Your health will improve, your weight may improve, your skin will improve….mental clarity, energy, etc. the benefits are too numerous to list! So buckle down, put in the work, and take control of you life and health!

I am determined to break my addiction, and I challenge you to join me!

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