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Friday’s Five

Salted Caramel Shake

Lazy Days Working

Target Planners

Personal Domain

Family Time

Happy Friday my friends!  I hope you had a great week & holiday.  Things have been fairly quiet for me.  We have taken some much needed time to step away from social media and just spend quality time together.  We spent some time on the lake this week, and we of course had to have some fireworks to celebrate our great nations birthday.  I honestly think I only picked up my phone a handful of times the entire day.  Most of that was to answer messages from people.  I didn’t spend my time lost in social media.  It was refreshing – we didn’t even get photographs guys!  Our phones stayed tucked away.  It was nice to just have time together without being behind a phone all day.  Of course I always have mixed emotions about that – while it is great, I am always concerned about my readers/followers when I am not posting on my platforms!

So let’s jump right in to the remaining favorites from the week shall we?  Many of you know that I have been doing a 24 day jump start with AdvoCare.  I have completed the cleanse phase, and I am now in the max phase of the program – which comes with the most delicious meal replacement shake!  This little shake is so convenient and very tasty!

I have spent several mornings just lounging around in my bed while doing some work.  I tell ya this is going to spoil me when I have to go back to my school job!  I feel that I can accomplish more when I am relaxed while working – does that make sense?  I picked up a new planner from Target so I have been busy adding/personalizing it.  I will admit that I usually purchase an expensive planner online every year – not only for the functionality of it, but also for the design.  I was super excited when I came across this little gem.  Finally a cheaper planner that has the layout that I want and is really cute as well!

Last but certainly not least for this week – I have purchased my domain!  Guys this is so exciting for me.  I have had my free blog through WordPress for almost eight years.  So many times I have contemplated purchasing my domain – I just could never click that button and commit.  I have truly wanted to get back into the blogging world the past several months, and I sincerely want my site to grow and prosper.  So I jumped right in!  If I want this site to be successful, I know that I have to invest in it to make that happen.  So cheers to growth!  Now I just need to dust off the camera and learn photography – any pointers/books/advice you could share in that area is much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Five”

  1. Great post, Helen! I’m glad you got to get away from everything, that’s always nice. Congrats on purchasing your domain! You have a great blog! XO

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