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Your Definition

Has anyone ever asked you “what defines you” or “what defines your life”?  I have been asked this question several times and in several different situations through out my life.  I even find myself asking this question to others.  So I wanted to take a moment to talk about your definition.  Or in another term – your purpose.

What does it mean to define yourself?  Simply to know yourself.  Knowing yourself is very important in being able to define yourself.  What makes you…..YOU?  Which also means that your definition can and will change throughout life.

The reasons behind what you do or what you say are the things that make you the person you are.  Which means that the menial things that you stress over do not define you.  A cluttered house does not define you.  Your level of education does not define you.  Your cooking abilities do not define you.  Your weight does not define you.  Your fitness level does not define you.  Perfect hair/makeup does not define you – oh wait maybe that is just me, lol!

So I am asking you today to participate in a little exercise with me.  Sit down and seriously think about what has meaning in your life.  You have likely achieved a lot of things already, but think about what you long for at the core of your being!

I’ll start – I want to be healthy & fit.  I want to be as stress-free as possible.  I want to grow in my relationship with my savior.  I want a life full of adventure.  I want to be an example to others.    These are the things that are at the core of my being.

I am a woman who lives a healthy, adventurous, spiritual life that is continually growing, and I use my wisdom to help others grow.

There!  That is my definition – that is what I truly want and strive to be at the core of my being.  Do I get sidetracked occasionally, of course!  One of the reasons this little blog was untouched for so many years.  However, I always come back to these same values and desires for me.  Once you have your definition written out now you can put the work in to make that version of you a reality that not only you see but others see.  Here are some tips on how to make that happen!

  1.  Affirmations – yes I am going to tell you to do this!  They work!  Write out affirmations to replace those negative thoughts in your head.  Your purpose is already one you can use…..but get more specific on things that need real change.
  2. Find inspiration – think social media.  Follow people that align with your beliefs.  Unfollow those that do not.
  3. Preparation –  you have to prepare in advance for things that you want.  I make a meal plan/exercise plan weekly, I have a plan in place for daily devotional time, I plan adventures/vacations, and I plan blog posts & health coaching calls/emails.

Put these three tips into action and you will be well on your way to not only knowing your definition/purpose, but you will also be actively living it.

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