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Unplug and Relax!

Most people think I am crazy when I say “I so need a vacation” when I have an entire summer off. While it does sound like a crazy thing to say…….the simple fact is even a summer at home is still no break!

For my stay-at-Home mommies out there – you will get this! For those of you without the luxury of being at home – I understand your mindset as well! The simple fact is life doesn’t stop when you are home. All of your household duties still have to be tended too….you know groceries/meal planning, cooking (you literally make three meals plus snacks as opposed to one or two at most), laundry, cleaning, etc. Not to mention that your kiddos are your sole responsibility 24/7, that is a full time job as is! On top of that I have this little blog to keep up with, a new AdvoCare business to work on, and I still do PRN work as well.

Yes a vacation is much needed! So the family and I headed north to the mountains for some R&R! Even little Zoey was in in the action this time!

If you guys have never visited Helen, GA – I highly suggest it. You know because it is called Helen, duh! It is the cutest little “German-Alpine” town. Not only is it cute and German (beer drinkers) 😉, it is also very laid back and relaxing. No big fun parks, no super busy town, just quiet and relaxing.

Some of our favorite activities are tubing the Chattahoochee

Put-put golf

Sight seeing

Ice cream for lunch

Relaxing in hot tub


Wine tasting

Beer drinking

More sight-seeing!

We decided to venture outside of Helen this trip, 30ish minutes to be exact, and visit Tallulah Gorge in Tallulah Falls, GA. Guys….when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING! Even if you decide not to visit Helen, this beautiful park is well worth the vacay – and the hike!

This picture was taken on the suspension bridge over the gorge. Absolutely stunning! Unfortunately due to the recent flooding we didn’t get to go to the gorge floor, or to play on the rock slide. Of course to me that just means it is an excuse to go back!

Seriously you need to put this on your travel bucket list. I promise you will not be disappointed, but regardless of you visiting this little area or not – I pray that you do get the opportunity to just travel/unwind with your loved ones! It is just so therapeutic to take a break from reality and connect with those you love most!

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