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How I Prepare For Travel

How do you prepare for travel? Are you a last minute packer, or one that is ready to go a week in advanced? I myself fall somewhere between the two!

This is the current state of my kitchen table. Piled with clean laundry that will be needed next week. Mostly items that we will not use between now and then. You see I usually start packing the week before any trip, but we all know that somethings just can’t be packed in advance. I mean I will need some of those items this week as well! I will pack anything that we will not need (like dinner/swim attire) ahead of time. Once the weekend is here I will check my list to see what else is needed, launder the items left for packing, and then pack those a couple day before departure.

So here is how I plan for packing (yes I am that person)- for every vacation we go on I like to make a packing list like the one in the picture. It is typed in excel. As you can see I break the list into the days we will be away from home, list items that are needed for each day, and then I have the extra column for things like toiletries/medicines/accessories. I simply check off the items as I place them in the bags – that way when it is time to go I am assured that nothing has been left behind!

Now my makeup packing is a little different. I like to pack my makeup a week before we leave. Seems crazy but bare with me! You are wondering why I would want to get dressed daily out of a travel bag? I know that I will need my makeup daily…..but that is the beauty of the process. I have various makeup items and will not need them all for vacation. I will pack my makeup bag a week ahead of time. I will use it daily, but will also use it for dinner on the weekend. This way while I am dressing if anything is left out it will be caught before I leave. I mean have you ever been on vacation and realized you forgot your favorite lipstick that you wear to dinner? Or even worse that you forgot to throw that eyelash curler in there before leaving! Frustrating I tell you!

This way I am sure to have my daily essentials, as well as items I use for dinner/nights out. Now if you are a person that wears the same few items at all times……this may not apply to you. I do not use my lashes, contour, colored lipsticks, gel liner, etc., for day wear. Those are usually always for nights out with the exception of weddings/pics. My day makeup is squally BB cream, little mascara, and chapstick. However, I will need those items for dinner and our date to the winery. If I do not think ahead I will forget something!

Once this process is done, when we place our bags in the car to leave I am certain we will have everything that is needed. There will be no surprises/quick trips to a store to pick up items that have been forgotten. The only thing we will have to do is relax and enjoy our time together!

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