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Friday’s Five

This chicken stew

Nature’s Candy

Green Smoothies

These cookies

Hot tubs and mountains

Happy Friday! Normally I am anxiously anticipating my Friday’s so the weekend can get started, but at the moment we are on summer break! Which means lazy days and fun times.

As you can see this weeks favorites are food focused. That is due to me being home with time to actually cook, but also because I have been doing an “adjusted cleanse” the past several days. What I mean by that is I am very occasionally allowing some of the things that are on the avoid list for the cleanse. I had a cup of decaf coffee one morning, I have had sweet potato twice, and even very, very small amounts of dairy.

I have been extremely tired lately, feeling very sluggish, and also super bloated. I knew it was due to all the crap I have been consuming for so long now. I also knew it was time to really do something about it. A cleanse is definitely called for! Which means adjusting recipes and having tons more veggies and fruits. I have spent most of the week just resting. My body really needs that at this moment, yesterday was my first day back at the gym. Which is also why I had some sweet potato last night – thirty minute cardio session kicked my butt! Carbs are definitely needed for exercise.

My plan is to follow the adjusted version of the cleanse through the week next week in preparation for our vacation. We are scheduled to leave on June 11. Stay tuned for some preparation/packing posts….maybe one on clean travel food options as well!

Enjoy your weekend!

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