Sometimes a break is all you need!

Well hello lovely readers!  As you can tell I have been on a long hiatus from the blogging world…..or really just from writing blog posts.  I have continued to love, follow, and read blogs daily.  I was just so “done” with writing my own.  I am not sure why?  I was at the point where I didn’t post frequently due to time and schedule.  I just wasn’t able to keep up with the dailyish posting.  So like most things, my little corner of the internet was placed on a back burner.

I will admit that I have gone back and forth several times on returning to the writing/blogging world.  I just wasn’t exactly sure if I really wanted to do it again, but after typing a new post several (and I do mean several) times throughout the past several months – I have decided to start back.  With that said, I have also told myself that there will be no pressure for daily posts.  It was great when I first started.  I had so much to share with my new lifestyle change.  If you have been around since the beginning, then you know that this started as a healthy eating blog.  From there I started throwing in various posts and topics that I enjoyed.  With my clean eating lifestyle being so new, I had so much content in my head.  I also had so many new & different recipes that I was trying out.  I guess after a couple of years, I just wasn’t as into it anymore!

Pressure!  I think it is surely what caused me to give it up.  Not pressure from anyone else, but pressure from myself.  I have now realized that I do not have to blog daily, every other day, or even weekly if I do not want to.  I can blog on my own frequency terms.  I still have so much I am passionate about, so much that I would love to share.  So I am giving myself the freedom to blog when and about what I want…..which is the whole point of having your own blog right?  So this will be my little piece of the internet that is about my passions and lifestyle.


While I still like to live a healthy lifestyle…..I will be a big girl and admit that A LOT has changed.  I did fall on and off of the eating wagon a lot.  As well as the exercise wagon!  I was so done with not allowing myself to have things that I enjoyed.  I was burnt out on my lifestyle……or what I thought was a lifestyle.   However, over the past couple of years I realized that a lifestyle should be joyous and happy.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know life is not always rainbows and sunshine!  I have my ups and downs just like everyone else, but dang it if a glass of wine makes me happy…….then I should drink the damn wine!

I decided over time that I would enjoy all of the things in life that make me happy.  Like wine, chocolate, dessert, Louisiana food, etc.  So I have added a few inches back to my body, it is not the end of the world……because you know what?  While someone is out there obsessing over a 5lb weight gain, and a 1 inch increase…….I am drinking the damn wine and loving it!

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