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A slight hiatus!

Well hello my friends.  It appears that it has been a while since I have decided to post on this lovely little blog of mine. 

It is safe to say that things in my life have been a little crazy for the past year.  I have not only fallen out of blog land, but unfortunately I have fallen out of clean eating, good consistent work outs, and structure in my life.

Now do not get me wrong.  I haven’t completely lost all of my good habits, but I have slipped back in to many old ones.  I still “try” to eat healthy, work out, and have a chill life……but I also eat what I want when I want (which means that hearty breakfast/lunch was killed my mounds of afternoon chocolate), have slacked off to maybe 3 30-45 minute workouts a week (sometimes less), and have had tons of stress in my life! 

Now while I know that healthy eating habits and exercise will not make all of the life stressors go away, it does help with the symptoms my body is having due to said stress.  I have fallen out of grace in many ways.  So what has changed here recently that has me wanting to turn over a new leaf?  Well lots.  I will not bore you with all of the details but tight clothing, health issues, and the such are giving me a good wake up call! 

I made a decision this past week (after much reading/research) that I want to stick with.  I know the only way to do that is to have others support me, hold me accountable, and just give me encouragement/advice.  Of course I thought of my blog friends (yes I still read your blogs) that have always been there for me in the past.  I decided to get back to blogging for connection, accountability, and support.  I will chronicle my journey here once again so I can get back to my best self.  So here is to me “re” turning over a new leaf.  It will be a journey but hopefully a fun one!

1 thought on “A slight hiatus!”

  1. I am so with you. I just did the same thing. Started with my membership to the Y! So excited to get back into a healthy routine! Power to ya! Text me. We can motivate each other. Love ya

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