Changes happening…

And it is not just the seasons, weather, or holidays.  Since you know this time of year the holidays change so frequently that you can’t keep up with them!

I know I have been on a rather long hiatus, that is to say the least.  However, not only has my job been extremely busy this year, with tons of extra duties taking up my time, but I have also been trying to reconnect my Christian life.  I have been trying to become more active in church, and just spend good quality time with my boys.  I have to say that  between work and home life that is basically where all of my focus is going. 

I am hoping to get back to some blogging as well, but my life is taking various directions at the moment.  Some (really many) of these changes will be shared on here.  My plan is to ease my  way back into this blog with all of my new endeavors, and to use this consistently as a networking tool.  I have a couple of things happening right now that I have been seriously considering lately, and I have pretty mush decided to jump right in.  So with that said, I am sorry for the long post.  I just wanted to touch base with all of you guys to say I haven’t forgotten this little place or you.  I have kept up with many of you that blog.  I am still reading your posts 🙂

  I am not ready as of yet to share my new and exciting news, that will come next week I am sure.  Just know that I am really excited about things to come, and I will share with you guys soon!!


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