Preparation is Key

So what crazy person goes on hiatus for a summer, doesn’t watch her diet, doesn’t follow a routine for exercising, and still decided it is a-okay to enter a 5K??

This one!  Now let’s be clear on a few pointers.  I have known since last year that I would participate in the Saints back to football 5k.  I have known when the race was scheduled (we are registered after all) for at least a full month now.  Which means that I have spent at least a minimum of two days running per week.  But it wasn’t my best 😦

It is so hard to run in LA this time of year due to the heat and humidity.  Even on a “cool” day the humidity still makes it really difficult to breathe.  I have also been doing more intervals of run/walk instead of just plain old running.  Sadly I have gone from busting gout my four miles to barley making it two.  Darn LA conditions. 

We do have an indoor track at our gym, but sadly I hate it!  It is an 1/8 of a mile track that circles above the basketball courts.  It is suppose to imitate road conditions…..it’s just plain bumpy!  I hate the sharp curves to turn, and let’s face it —— it’s boring!  So I haven’t been motivated to run. 

So I am running Saturday morn.  In a 5K.  In the French quarter streets (some of you understand the “street” conditions), in August!  Yes I am crazy, and yes they lure us with beer and bands, lol!!  You know there has to be a party after—it is NOLA after all!

So I am trying to get in as much activity this week as possible.  I am really paying attention to hydration, and buying the rights foods/drinks for me for the weekend.  My go to race breakfast is toast w/ peanut butter and banana.  I also like to drink coconut water before the race for the electrolytes.  I am also hoping to possibly attend the yoga class at my gym this week.  I have always wanted to start a practice.  Usually the class is scheduled late so it is difficult for me to attend.  This semester it is for 5:30 which is great for me!  I am hoping to get started soon.  However, I work out at a university gym so the classes fill up very quickly for the first few weeks with all the newbies.  It will slowly start dwindling down, but hopefully I can get in Wednesday!!

What do you do to prepare for races??

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