How to Appreciate Summer…

I had the absolute honor of celebrating the beautiful marriage of one of my dear friends Friday night! She was so beautiful 🙂

I appreciate the fact that I was off from work that day and could take part in the bridal party dressing.

It was a beautiful reception complete with wonderful foods and a full bar. That I must admit I visited probably one too many times that night.

Now today I am typing this out as I eat my breakfast before leaving for work. I have a full week of PRN at the nursing home this week. Complete with several 8 hour days……oh boy how I appreciate appreciate summer!

So the hubster is in charge of dinner for a few days. I finally have I'm getting onto the healthy lifestyle train with me, more on that later!

So no menu plans this week. Only work plans. But the. Again I haven't had a menu p,an for a while now with summer being in full swing. Being home daily makes throwing dinner together much easier, and well with so much fresh produce available we eat depending on what mama sends to me so it doesn't spoil, lol!

So have a wonderful Monday my friends, be thankful and appreciate the gifts that are give to you in life. Like a job, beautiful friends, a hubster that cooks, and of course SUMMER!!



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