My Dilemma

I have a dilemma! Of course this is not new for me. I always have some sort of dilemma going on. Usually it is what to make for dinner, what to wear, what shoes to wear, etc.

Today it is about color. Paint color to be exact. I am wanting to paint the interior of my home, mainly the kitchen and boys rooms. At the moment they are all different colors. I want to use one color to paint. I want a neutral color. That way I will not be ready to paint again once I decide to change decor, lol!

So I am asking for your help in deciding color. Keep in mind that my trim is white (which I hope to repaint to cream as well if hubster will agree), and my living room is a light earthy green (open floor plan). I would also like to possibly paint the living area as well but haven't decided??……

So out of the three above colors which would you choose??

A – coffee by valspar

B – kilim beige by Sherwin Williams

C – nomadic dessert by Sherwin Williams



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