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Happy National Running Day!!

So how many of you will be running today? I did this morn. Now while it wasn't a typical run for me with my hip issues, I did start the couch to 5k to ease me back into it . I want to make sure that my muscles are feeling better and back n track before pumping it a couple of miles. So far so good!!

Of course as tradition for Wednesday I will share with you what I have been eating lately. I picked up some great avocados at the market Monday so I have really been enjoying those lately, with fresh eggs from my Mama. 🙂

As well as some yummy salads with fresh veggies from my Mama's garden!! Oh how I love summer produce…..
I even made a yummy lasagna last night with some zucchini and squash thrown into the mix. Along with a caprese salad with some yummy tomatoes and basil. Sorry no pic. I did take some, but for some reason they didn't save 😦
So I will have to admit that you only get a glimpse of my eats. I have also been enjoying yogurts, sesame sticks, enjoy life bars, and rice cakes/apples with almond butter. Those photos are gone as well, I think I need to n estimate this issue!!
But this is no reason to not enjoy WIAW!! So head over to Jenn's to check out some posts with pics!!


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