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This past week/weekend was my good friends bachelorette trip to the beach. Which means that today I am unpacking, washing, and organizing.

I do not ave any pics to share with you guys. First, I didn't know most of the ladies on the trip so I will not post pics without their permission, and secondly I honestly left my phone alone for most of the time there.

I can however share this weeks menu plans with you since I prepared it last night!!

  • Monday – meatloaf meatballs, fresh green beans and potatoes
  • Tuesday – lasagna with roasted summer squash and zucchini
  • Wednesday – squash casserole and salad
  • Thursday – tilapia with roasted veggie salad
  • Friday – leftovers
  • Saturday – tuna salad

I am not sure what my workout schedule will be this week. I am hoping to get the new class schedule and attend some morning classes now that summer is here. I will probably keep things a little low key today since my legs are sore from the weekend. We literally walked the beach the entire time we were out there Saturday, followed my a very late night of dancing 🙂


In other exciting news the hubster and I are getting bikes this week before our camping trip next week!!!



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