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Two for Tuesday

I took the day off yesterday.  Not just from the blog, but from work as well.  I had an orthodontist appointment that would require me to miss most of the day from work give or take an hour or two.  Which means I am super duper crazy busy now.  Oh and it is the end of the school year so that is always super duper crazy busy!  I did however want to pop in and share something with you guys really quick today, and since it is two for Tuesday here is a little humor for you!

This mornings breakfast was basically one of my go to meals of oat bran with cottage cheese, banana slices, and peanut butter…..with a little twist.  You see I purchased some cherry almond vinaigrette from an oil and vinegar store a while back.  I haven’t really used any of it except for one time on a frozen yogurt.  It is a a sweet vinegar which is perfect for desserts.  Well I noticed that lovely bottle sitting on my table this morning and thought why not??

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Phenomenal!!  I am serious people, if you are a loaded oats kind of person then you have to get some “dessert vinegar” ASAP!  I believe I have found my new go to topping 🙂

Happy Tuesday 🙂

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