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Let’s Chat

Did you know that I consider all of you guys my friends?  Well I do!  That is why I have this little blog where I share so many different areas of my life.  Trust me I wouldn’t share unless I considered you, my readers, my friends.  So today we are going to have a little chat.  Mind you at first it will be mainly one sided – my side, but as you guys read this today you know you are always welcome to comment.  So let’s chat 🙂

Like I do with my friends that I see daily/weekly, here is your lovely glass of wine for out little chat.  Come on did you think I wouldn’t offer you anything?  I am a very gracious hostess, which is why I have offered you both red and white varieties 😉

I also as your good friend will have to tell you that this little chat will get kinda serious.  I very seldom speak of politics, religion, etc on the blog.  Not because I am afraid.  I am not afraid to give my opinion, speak of my faith, or simply give facts no matter how hard they are to speak or hear.  Just ask people who know me personally.  I have no filter.  I usually do not speak of such things because I respect that everyone has their opinions.  I do not want my readers to feel attacked, questioned, or belittled.  I also do not want this blog to become a site of debate or attack from outsiders.  However, I have no problem with speaking out occasionally.  So sit back with you wine – let’s get started!

My heart is heavy lately with all that I have had to endure.  Now I am talking about the bad news as well as the personal issues like shingles, but last night I was reading something that completely tore at my heart. 

The Pentagon has released a statement confirming that soldiers could be prosecuted for promoting their faith: “Religious proselytization is not permitted within the Department of Defense…Court martials and non-judicial punishments are decided on a case-by-case basis…”.

Read more: breitbart.com

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/wnd_video/military-may-court-martial-soldiers-who-share-christian-faith/#KYugWQWR01uJq3mB.99


My first response to this was disgust!!  My heart breaks everyday when I read more and more reports of prayer, faith, and the act of speaking about Jesus is being suppressed by the very people that we share our great homeland with.  These people are suppose to be our leaders???  I was furious to see this!

When you are asking a person to put their life on the line for you, (and yes we all do this daily because as Americans we all depend on the military) you totally do not have the right to suppress their faith! 

My second response was to cry.  As a public school employee I know to well what it feels like for “those people” to suppress your faith.  We are no longer allowed to speak openly in the schools about God, Jesus, religion.  We can not read out bibles aloud.  We can not pray in school unless it is to ourselves in private.  I mean we have been called out for students bringing home coloring sheets that certain people felt were dealing with religion.  I know what this feels like!

Thankfully I work for a wonderful principal that believes in Christ and the power of prayer.  We have prayer once a week before school, we meet to pray after in trying times, we openly ask each other to pray for us.  She doesn’t try to suppress our faith, if anything she empowers us!  So it is times like this that I feel truly blessed to work with and for her 🙂

So today I am openly speaking out on my faith.  I do believe in the one true God.  He is great and wonderful.  He has paved the way for my life, and I am truly humbled by his love.  Today I am asking God to come into my heart, to move in my life so that I can follow the path and plan he has for me.  I ask him to take the hatred/anger out of my heart, and to show me the way to deal with my feelings.  For without him I am nothing.  I am undeserving of his love.  I am undeserving to have an eternal life with him, but for his love I thank him!

He knew how the story would end.  He penned the story.  He breathed life into man whose sin  would one day nail him to a tree.  He created the plants that would one day be his cross.  Why?  Simply love!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Chat”

  1. This is a really great post. If you can’t talk about whatever you like on your blog, then where? It’s your space and I always love hearing what you have to say. And yes we are all your friends and always hear to listen. I think I need another glass of wine… 🙂

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