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HN weekly menu & happenings

Let the countdown begin!!  I am starting my last two weeks of therapy today for the 2012/2013 school year, and counting down the last 19 days of work until the summer break 🙂  Whoop Whoop!!

I tell you things are getting exciting around here.  They are also  a pain in the behind.  Like literally!

You see last week I had a random rash break out on the very lower, left side of my back.  It popped up as a tiny little spot on Sunday, was worse by Monday, and I thought what the heck come Tuesday!  That lovely little rash was irritating the dickens out of me.

It didn’t itch.  Nope not at all.  Oh but did it burn like crazy, and the position……yeah right where the panties/pants hit.  So it was brushed against all day long.  I was thinking I picked up some random yuckiness from the tanning bed (yes I know that is bad for me), and decided not to finish my week out.  I was convinced that a little cortisone cream and time out of the heat would do the trick.  So I made my last workout on Wednesday for the week…..

I ended up at the walk in clinic Thursday afternoon.  Still convinced that it was a bad reaction to something I just needed relief from the burn.  Well that yucky little rash that I was convinced came from the tanning bed didn’t come from that at all.   Oh no, I have an atypical case of……..wait for it……….wait for it………the shingles!!


Yep, the shingles.  So here go the questions –

  1. Did you have chicken pox as a child?  Yes.
  2. Have you had a recent cold?  Yes. 
  3. Have you had any signs of fever blisters?  Yes.
  4. Have you been under any stress lately?  Uh why yes of course.  I work with special education in the school system, it’s the end of the school year, I am adjusting still to my hubster’s crazy new work schedule, and I am a single mom for half of the month…..


Now I am thinking….what in the world does all of this have to do with my dang shingles?  Well those bad boys as you know are a result of the chicken pox virus that stays in the body after you have had them.  For the rest of your life, but not just anywhere in your body.  It lives in your nerve cells.  Which is why the shingles are painful.  So basically between the stress and cold I have no immune system, put that back on top of more stress, and I break out in the friggin shingles!

Things are just peachy  burning around here!

So needless to say I am in no mood for exercise.  I am in no mood to be in the kitchen.  However, we all must eat so I have come up with an easy breezy menu for this week!

  • Monday – philly steak sloppy joes w/ tator tots
  • Tuesday – tilapia with pasta salad
  • Wednesday – stuffed backstrap with greens & roasted potatoes (hubby cooks)
  • Thursday – boiled shrimp & salad (hubby cooks again)
  • Friday – crockpot chicken cacciatore
  • Saturday – tuna sandwiches
  • Sunday – lasagna

It is the hubster’s long work week so I will have to cook over the weekend in order for him to have “lunch” to take with him to work.  We unfortunately have eaten out too much this past weekend, and on top of that I have been eating really crappy snacks lately so this has got to stop.  With things being so busy, adjusting to everything, I have been grabbing things to eat on the go which are not healthy options.  Let me tell you my body can tell and is showing the difference.  I have to start being more conscious of my snack and drink choices.  Those lovely little granola thins that my friend passed on to me because she didn’t like them must go! 

I am also determined to get some exercise in this week regardless of the crazy shingles epidemic.  Taking in extra calories while burning none is a complete disaster for this chic!  It is amazing how horrible you feel when eating whatever with no activity when you are so use to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Monday – two mile+ run (maybe more depends on how I feel)
  • Tuesday – lower body and cardio of choice
  • Wednesday – two mile+  run, upper body
  • Thursday – rest day/wine tasting 🙂
  • Friday – upper body, run
  • Saturday – rest day
  • Sunday –  lower body, cardio of choice

I really need to get back into my strength training.  I use to strength train a minimum of four days a week, I can’t tell you the last time I followed that schedule!  It is hard to fit it in lately with our crazy schedules.  I know that is no excuse…..I just need to purchase some weights and things for home.  You see on nights the hubster works I have to fit my workout into  a one hour window…..seriously!  I get home at 3:45, change, give boys a snack, and leave.  I am usually at the gym around 4ish, quick workout then race back home to make some sort of dinner so I can wake the hubster up at 5  to eat before he leaves for work at 6!  So literally I have very little time.  Since my kiddos aren’t old enough to really leave them at home I have to work with what I’ve got!

If any of you have any favorite products/workouts for at home I would love to hear from you 🙂

p.s. don’t forget to enter the giveaway, winner will be chosen on Thursday!!

9 thoughts on “HN weekly menu & happenings”

  1. No fun! Hope you feel better soon!
    I have a few different sizes of free weights that I keep in the living room. That way I can do some quick exercises when I get a few moments or when we are watching TV. It seems to work for me as it isn’t too structured but I definitely need to be more diligent about it!

  2. Shingles? Oh no! You poor thing. Sending many prayers and happy thoughts your way.

    p.s. I’m dying to know what this philly sloppy joe recipe you use is?!

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