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WIAW – the good and the bad

Hello my friends, how are you guys this week?  I am hoping that your week is going great, and that your hearts are lighter this week.

It is another Wednesday, which means another WIAW party!  Of course you guys should pop over to Peas and Crayons to check out all the links.  I love to go through them for meal inspiration 🙂

Oh and let’s not forget to follow Jenn on Instagram – she has the cutest pregnant belly EVER!!

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Unfortunately for the people in my area it is another sad and gloomy week.  Of course it is storming today, but I like to think the weather reflects everyone’s mood.  We had a very sad situation in a little town that is right next to the one I live in.  To make a long story short – the high school in the area was on lockdown yesterday due to a shooting.  A young girl’s mother was shot and killed by her (ex?) boyfriend, and as a precautionary measure they put the school on lockdown due to not knowing the boys intentions as far as the young girl was concerned.  Apparently it was a heated situation because the mother placed a restraining order on the shooter several weeks ago.  He has yet to be found and taken into custody, my heart is breaking for this young girl!

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I hate turning the new on these days.  It seems all you hear about is murder/death.  I can’t even imagine what it will be like to continue to raise my children in a world that so many have turned so ugly.  It is heartbreaking that you can’t send your kids to school, run in a race, go to work, or even just walk your dog anymore without fear of what could possibly happen.  I am so sorry to dampen the mood on here, but with so much heartbreaking news in the past two weeks one can only pray for peace in life.

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I am also having to deal with typical middle school drama this week with my oldest son.  I hated the idea of him going to middle school because I use to work at one.  I hate that kids go from a young innocent person with no prejudices into a place where others are so mean.  I know how mean kids can be these days 😦

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So I am hoping that things start looking up really soon.  This little mama can surely use some sunny, happy days soon!

1 thought on “WIAW – the good and the bad”

  1. Aww, Helen, I feel the exact same way lately. Not that I obsess about it, but I feel I can hardly go anywhere or do anything lately and not have my memory triggered by some previous tragedy. It’s really heartbreaking. I was just talking to someone about how hard it must be to be a parent and address these kinds of things with your kids.

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