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Monday Morning Blues

Where did my weekend go?  I mean really, blew in and out so quickly I promise I missed it!  I say I need a do over again…..you know since I really didn’t have one.

We had such a super busy weekend that I am so depressed that it is Monday already.  I spent the entire day Saturday cleaning in my house.  Or should I say cleaning in the two boys’ rooms.  While Sunday was spent at a birthday party and finishing said rooms.

We decided to convert the “play room” into a guest room since the boys only go in there for the Wii.  They are usually in their bedroom with the Xbox or toys.  Even though the toy box was in the play room, they would still pack them across to their bedroom.  So now the only thing left his the one game system.  Which I wanted to move to their room as well until Kohl convinced me to leave it in the guest room.  You know in case one wanted to play the Wii while the other plays Xbox.  Even though they rarely play separate games!

So what am I going to do with the guest room?  It is undecided yet.  We are basically using it for the hubster’s hunting/fishing gear…..you know storage.  We just threw a bed in to call it a guest room.  So I will do an update once I actually figure it all out.

 blog photos 113           

But my weekend did start great!  When I came home on Friday I had a lovely little box waiting for me from a wonderful blogger that has become not only an inspiration to me, but also a confidant and friend 🙂

blog photos 114

Farrah from over at Fairy Healthy Life had a give away on her blog that I won, which contained all of her favorites in it.  Just look at all of the goodies!  I was so super excited to open the box….and so super excited when I saw what was inside!!

blog photos 125

She of course included this adorable card inside with a personal message written in it.  I just love to get cards with personal messages, and yes I do say that the frogs are the two of us “stuck together” as friends, hehe!!

blog photos 122blog photos 121

In the box was some nutritious and very sustaining foods for me to enjoy 🙂  I have already made some of the tabouli, which is also today’s lunch, and will have the pasta later this week for dinner.  I loved the tabouli!  I is so super easy to throw together with other ingredient for a quick and very great meal.  Last night (as well as today) I have it mixed with some cannellini beans, lettuce, and a lovely Tuscan herb dressing to go with it.  Quick salad and so filling!

blog photos 118blog photos 120

Next up she added some spice in the mix!  I love things that have big,  bold flavors and spice.  I had some of the hot sauce with my salad mix last night, and plan to start using it in many meals to come.  As for the chipotle cubes……so excited to try this!  I haven’t seen these in our grocery stores so I was very intrigued by them.  I am thinking maybe a good chili???  I don’t know what do you guys think?

blog photos 117blog photos 116

A few snacks to keep me sane 🙂  I loved the sesame seed nuggets.  They were perfect to throw into my purse for a quick and easy snack while out shopping for a new sheets/blanket for the boys’ bed on Saturday.  As for the candies……she knows me all to well!  Haha….okay I can’t take credit for that since they were included in the giveaway, but I do love any and all things coffee 🙂

blog photos 119

This I can’t wait to try!  I placed it immediately in the fridge after snapping a quick pic.  I have decided to have some this afternoon after my run.  I thought that would be a great treat after a good run 🙂 

blog photos 123blog photos 124

It was a nice surprise to see this adorable little note pad in the box.  It is perfect for my purse!  I always search for paper when I am out in public to write on, and I have been saying for a while now that I needed to get a little notepad for my purse.  How adorable is this?  Oh and it is about having a cocktail…..see I told you guys she knew me well!!

blog photos 115

Now as if all of the other things weren’t enough already, Farah baked me some of her protein cookies so I would have a little treat with my package.  I mean big treat!  Two zip locks of cookies!  They are so, so yummy.  I immediately had one for my afternoon snack with my iced coffee.  If you follow me on instagram then you would have seen the pic.  I feel in love with these cookies at first bite!  So much so that I immediately went to her blog to look for the recipe so I could make more at home.  I have to admit these babies have been my go to snack in between meals!

So I would like to say THANK YOU to Farrah for such a wonderful box of goodies, and especially for all of the personal touches that she added to the box.  It was such a wonderful treat.  I have come to really cherish her friendship and guidance the past couple of years, and I truly hope to one day meet her and hang out!  She has such an adorable little family, is such an inspiration in fitness, and is becoming the queen of yoga.  Head over to her blog and check her out!


Now for this weeks menu plan

  • Monday – enchiladas………….Mama Peas sweet potato, black bean enchiladas!!!!!!
  • Tuesday – backstrap and baked potato.  Hubster request….that and trying the new oven, will have review on it soon!
  • Wednesday – white beans, rice, and cornbread……just so I can eat some of that hot sauce!
  • Thursday – meatballs and marinara with my lovely pasta!!
  • Friday – leftovers
  • Saturday – eating out most likely
  • Sunday – RIVER DAY – can you tell I’m excited, haha!!

Now as for the workouts this week

  • 3 mile run
  • legs and cardio of choice at gym
  • 4 mile run
  • arms and cardio of choice at gym
  • 2 mile run
  • at home work out, maybe quick run???
  • rest day

I really need to get more consistent with my workouts so I was thinking if I started listing them on blog I would be more likely to follow the plan.  You know how it is, if it is written down it will get done 🙂

Now I am off to work and plan all the house updates I need to plan.  Now I just need to win a lottery to fund said house updates, lol! 

Have a great week!!!

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues”

  1. Aww Helen, you are way too sweet! I have a huge smile on my face right now and wiping away tears. I’m so happy that you loved it all. I really do love having you as a friend and can’t wait to meet you. It will happen!! 🙂

    The meal plan and workouts sound great. I think it does help putting it out there to make sure it gets done.

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