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To bang or not to bang?

That is my dilemma!  Now before I get into the nitty gritty with you guys left me just give you a little info.  As many of you know the hubster and I are on opposite schedules now, and while one week we only have two days apart, the next week we have five days apart.  He also can not talk on the phone while at work so we rely on text. 

This weekend he was home but super busy.  We didn’t get much quality time together.  This week is his long work week so we only have two nights with him home.  By the time you throw in catching up on t.v., spending time with the kids, and an exhausted returning to work wife….well that doesn’t leave much quality time together.

So in the spirit of keeping up our marital relationship which includes including each other in most things……….I sent a text last night to the hubster asking him the same question as the title.  What was his reply?

Well of course bang.  Duh he is a guy!!  Now being the typical girl that I am I also had to send this to a couple of my best girlfriends because let’s face it, you ask your best girlfriends about anything and everything.  They are also helping to keep me sane during the transition of adjusting to opposite schedules.  Being the three wonderful friends that they are they all suggested bang as well!

And since asking four different people, including the one major person that would be involved with this situation, is not enough to convince me of the choice I have to make…….I am turning to you guys.  My wonderful, trusty, coveted readers.  Because I know you guys will be honest with me.  I know you guys will not think I am crazy for asking this question of you.  I know you do  not mind giving me insight when needed, and well heck sometimes a girl just needs another exhausted mom of two, working full time, taking care of a house, homework, dinner, work out, running, and part time single mom to give her some guidance and direction.  So I ask of you………………….


Bang or no bang??

Did I really have you going for a minute there?  Because when I sent the text to the hubster you can bet I had him going, lol!

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