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Let’s talk allergies

How many of you have allergies?  Now I am not just talking about the food kind.  Thankfully up to this point in my life I haven’t found anything I am allergic to yet!

I am talking seasonal allergies.  They are horrible.  You can’t get away from them no matter what…..at least not in south Louisiana anyway.  See that is the joy of a food or animal allergy.  You remove the allergen and you feel better. 

Not so much with outdoor seasonal ones.  You see I wake up every morning with post nasal drip, gunk in my throat, gunk in my chest, gunk in my head……ok yeah you get the picture a lot of gunk!  Not a fun way to wake up every morning.  I promptly add eye drops to my eyes, toss a pill down my throat, and go about my day……..

Sneezing.  Itching.  Watery eyes.  More gunk.  It.  Is.  Miserable!  Now you put on top of that a love for outdoor running.

DISASTER!!  I love to run this time of year in Louisiana.  You know right before “beyond summer” gets here.  When the temps are in the 70’s, there is a little breeze blowing, beautiful sunshine.  Just perfect outdoor running weather.  Unless you have allergies.  It seems that every path you take has hedges, bushes, flowers, crap, whatever you want to call them.  You put those blooms together with that lovely super
(and I do mean super people) thick layer of that yellow stuff covering everything – You Can’t Breathe!!

Seriously!  I start out great, feeling good, ready to tackle 3-4 miles.  I am lucky if I can make it two miles without stopping to try and catch my breath.  I am not running any faster than a normal pace.  I am not on a different course with hills and such.  Nope I just have to breathe in a lot of crappy stuff on top of trying to breathe for exercise purposes.

This makes me want to cry!!  I love to run out side.  The fact is I will not do a long distance run if it is not out doors, and we are totally limited to appropriate weather here in my state for that.  What is a girl to do?

So I beg you today that if you have any clue how to help with this situation, please clue a sister in!  If I can’t get four miles behind me soon the hubster just may divorce me 😦




6 thoughts on “Let’s talk allergies”

  1. Allergies are the worst!!! Especially this time of year. Apparently eating local bee pollen is supposed to help you gain immunity to the pollen etc in your area- they sell it at the farmers market. Have a lovely day!

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