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You know that moment when you sit down at night thinking how wonderful your vacation was, but you are also so glad that it is over because your tired?

Yeah I thought you did!

You know that moment when you pass out in bed a couple hours earlier than usual because you are so tired from your week vacation, you could careless that the kids have stuff all over your house?

Yeah I thought you did!

AND… know that moment when the alarm goes off the next morning, you realize that it is now a work day, and you wish that you didn’t have to face reality?

Yeah that is where I am at today!  Why oh why must we go back to school?  I mean it really isn’t fair at this point.  We are exhausted.  We are getting summeritis (yes there is such a thing), and our brain just do not function anymore!! 

Mommy please can I stay home?  For the rest of the school year?  Okay maybe not the rest, I would be willing to go back the last week……..

BUT – reality has set in, we are back to work, and so blessed that we were able to have such a fabulous week off!



  • Monday – errands, cleaning, and such
  • Tuesday – brunch and mani/pedi with girls – port wine night with the bestie (steaks were involved as well)
  • Wednesday – shopping with the bestie, late lunch at Salad Station (the best little place ever!)
  • Thursday – movie with another great friend and her precious babies, easter egg dying at home with kiddos
  • Friday – Date with the hubster, lunch and movie, bday celebration at our house for sis-n-law that night complete with fried fish and gumbo!
  • Saturday – family fun day with shopping, lunch on the patio of one of our favorite restaurants, play time at the park, night of fun with friends
  • Sunday – Crawfish with the family, egg hunt, candy, cake, just plain good times!!



See I told you our week was super busy!  It was such a wonderful week, so blessed with so many great friends and family!  But now we must get back into a routine – which is completely ok with my bank account, lol!

IMG_6843IMG_6842    IMG_6845 IMG_6850 IMG_6854 IMG_6856 IMG_6863


So now the work begins to get back into a routine.  Now would be a good time to admit that I did not work out at all during the break!  Not just because I wanted a week off.  Nope!  I decided to pull/injure my neck/shoulder muscle around Tuesday of last week and couldn’t turn my head at all.  I could only sleep on one side.  It was horrible.  So I didn’t work out because I was concerned with causing more harm, plus it is hard to work out when you are in pain 😦

I also didn’t track my food.  We had a lot of meals out with so much going on so it really wasn’t a priority for me last week.  But I will have to admit it was so nice to not worry about diet and exercise during the break.  I am know ready to tackle both full force again.  I think it was like a clearing of the mind experience 🙂

But now I am ready to tackle things again… at least that is what I am telling myself.  So I have made sure to set a menu that is healthy and filling, that will have plenty of leftovers for lunches, and that will please my health fanatic self as well as my very picky and not so health fanatic family 🙂

  • Monday – left over gumbo for the guys – quinoa and veggies for me
  • Tuesday – sloppy joes for the guys, mama pea’s sloppy josephines for me
  • Wednesday – chicken and veggies (new cooking item coming in so I will surely have to use it and review it for you)
  • Thursday – breakfast for dinner
  • Friday – taco salads / enchiladas (I will let Noah decide if he wants tacos or enchiladas)
  • Saturday – baked ziti w/ salad

If you couldn’t tell I am trying to get more veggies back into my diet by including several vegetarian meals for me during the week.  I use to love to make veggie options, and somehow feel out of the habit a while back.  I think it is time to get some veggie/bean burgers back into my life!

Oh and lets not forget protein.  I mean I can’t be the only person that has a couple dozen boiled eggs sitting in the fridge right?

At least I know we will not starve!

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