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I am so sorry to leave you guys hanging last week. I truly didn't intend to “fall” out of blog world for a week……but it happens!

You see we had a little bit of fever last week…….spring break fever!! We are on spring break this week, but last week I just felt soooo lazy. Which means I didn't write anything………..

BUT- that also means I am home this week to bring you some wonderful recipes, recaps of our fun adventures, and some exciting news for the family(at least we think it is, lol!)

We started our adventurous week with our local, annual Smokin Blues and BBQ competition! I mean what a way to kick off a week – music, BBQ, friends, and just plain great fun!!

So I will not ave a menu post for you today. I am “winging” it this week sinc we have so many plans, but I will share my wonderful eats with you through out the week. Starting with tonight's dish of grilled Italian sausage, sausage and cheese tortellini, salad, and of course red wine. Oh and dessert! A yummy fruit salad with ginger lime dressing……recipe coming tomorrow!!

Happy Spring Break!!


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