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Monday Moments

Do you know what makes Monday’s worse than just being Monday?  Gloominess.  Rain, cold, clouds, lack of sleep, puffy eyes, allergies, and a to do list that seems to be a mile long!

Yep, that is how my Monday started.  We woke up to such nasty weather after such a beautiful weekend.  Of course the beautiful weekend is playing a number on me as well with my allergies.  Pollen.  Is.  Everywhere.

So naturally I am all stuffy, puffy, and scratchy 😦  Now the fact of crying for a solid hour last night while watching Army Wives didn’t help my eyes look any better, lol!  Then I sat up an extra hour just to watch The Client List…..I love my trashy girl t.v.!

This weeks menu:

  • Monday – cube steak sandwich – AKA Marlboro Man Sandwich w/ sweet potato fries
  • Tuesday – meatloaf meatballs, mashed potatoes, green peas
  • Wednesday – eating out for a friends bday
  • Thursday – gumbo, potato salad
  • Friday – eating out with hubby
  • Saturday – who knows what I get into…….

So have you noticed a theme here?  Yep lots of potatoes……they were on sale this past weekend, the only thing that looked decent in the store, and I just really need to cook them before they go bad.  Wednesday’s dinner will be at a Mexican restaurant so hopefully I can find something half way healthy to eat.  We are meeting at 7 to surprise my friend for her 30th so I plan to eat something before I go.  That way I am not starving when I get there, and I can order a few things off of the a la carte menu to avoid the abundance of junk that they put on your plate.  Normally I wouldn’t be so concerned since I do reserve one night a week for eating out with no reservations, but we have plans to eat at Olive Garden Friday night.  As for the weekends we usually grab what ever leftovers we have in the fridge, or we are usually invited to some event that has food served. 

With all of that planned out and put in writing now I must confess a no no.  I have totally lost track of my 80/20 model of eating 😦

You see we have very social lives.  Which is always involving some type of alcohol.  Which is always involving some type of food.  Now you take those two facts, and add to that a girl living in Louisiana – one of the best foodie places in the USA – I totally suck lately at following my plans.  Do I regret my choices to drink and eat socially…  Does my body regret my choices to drink and eat socially…..yep!  Not only does it do a number on my figure over all (hello swim suit season around the corner), but it also does a number on my general health.  You all now I have talked about my digestive issues, sensitivities, etc on here before.  But the plain truth is – I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE UP MY LIFESTLYE – I just have to find some balance in it.  I use to be very good at balancing things.  You now back when the kiddos were younger and we didn’t get out as much.  I could follow a strict plan with no problems.  Now – pshh  not so easy anymore.  I love wine.  I love beer.  I love food.  I love chocolate. 

So I am back to food journaling.  AGAIN!  I do not know why I ever stop this in the first place.  I know I will return to it, I always do.  Only because my lifestyle gets in the way of my eating plans.  So I am taking it up again in an attempt to be more conscious of my choices.  This way I can make sure that I am getting all the healthy foods in that I need, and to control the eating out so much!  My wallet will surely thank me for this as well 🙂

So with that I am wishing you all a fabulous week!!

Oh one more laugh for you….

Diet water….what????

p.s.  got the hubster to join the gym with me this year…..maybe a friendly spousal challenge will help with shaping up for summer?…..hmmmm!

8 thoughts on “Monday Moments”

  1. I hear you…finding that balance can be hard. Sometimes I find myself focusing so much on making sure the kids are eating healthy that I put myself on the back burner. I think a friendly spousal challenge is just what we need, too! Great idea! 🙂

  2. I think to help you stay on track you should think about what you want to celebrate more of; spring or summer. For me, it’s summer. I love all of the cool refreshments, ice cream and food. So that’s why I’m being a little more strict now and in the spring.

    1. Wow I have never thought of it that way! You make perfect sense and I am really going to put this perspective into my life. Thanks for the advice….always great!

      I soooo can’t wait til summer, and it is a better celebration since we do a lot of boating ☺

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