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Two for Tuesday

I want to say thanks to those of you that contacted/commented to me on sites that have healthy recipes.  I have made a list to check them all out this week.  There are a few of them that I have visited in the past, but I haven’t been to the site in so long I basically forgot about it.  So thanks!!

This morning was a very hectic morning for me….as they usually are on mornings that the hubster is not home to help out!!  So much so that I found myself yelling and screaming all morning.  Which has just put me in the lousiest mood.  Which makes my day horrible.  So in an attempt to brighten my mood so it will be a good day I did a little searching this morning……..

I mean if a dancing cartoon elephant can’t make you laugh what else can right??

I use to have calmer mornings, even without the hubs. What happened?  Well you remember how I said I wanted to have monthly goals?  My goal for January was to read my morning devotional every morning.  I did this until about the middle of February, which would also be about the time the hubster started his new job.  So I feel that has had a lot to do with it, that and adjusting to the new schedule we have now. 

This leads me to my monthly goal plans.  I have yet to post about my goal for the month of March, or to comment on February’s!  Well last month was to complete the conscious cleanse.  Which I did do for about a week.  I had all intentions of doing both weeks, and I know I could have had I wanted to!  Unfortunately it is a bad time of year for that.  You see a girl can only eat so much cabbage and broccoli (daily).  So I made the conscious decision to stop after week one and put this off until spring when veggies are in abundance.  The cleanse is very veggie based so it was difficult to do when so few fresh ones are available; however, I still feel this goal was a success because the week made a huge difference.  That and I made the decision to stop after week one.

So on to March……what is it you wonder?  Simply to participate in a race.   A 5k to be more specific.  Now with the lack of race opportunities in my area right now this may mean I have to participate in a virtual race, but you better believe I will time myself, map out my route, etc. before doing this.  One of my annual goals is to run 4 races in the year (one for each quarter) so I am running out of time for the first quarter, lol!!  I am trying to find out if I can still sign up for a race the weekend of St. Patrick’s day before I decide what to do, but I have a friend holding a “virtual benefit” race for a child that is super sick.  She has even set up a pay pal account for the fees to be paid to so all proceeds go straight to the family.   So I will of course run this, but I would like to participate in one with other runners as well……so wish me luck on open entry!

Oh and by the way……………………………….

2 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday”

    1. Thanks so much! I hope to find one as well. The problem is that they aren’t advertised very well in he little town so usually by the time you find out it is to late to register 😦

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