Menu Monday……help!

So has many of you know I usually post my menu on Monday’s, I do this for two reasons.  One it helps me make a grocery list, and two it makes cooking dinner so easy when you already have a plan.  Other wise I would stand in the pantry staring for an hour trying to figure out our dinner.

But guess what???  I really didn’t do this over the weekend!  Epic fail.  Which is surely going to land me making multiple trips to the grocery for random things, late dinners due to lack of planning, and just a down right crazy dinner week. 

HELP!!  Someone make a plan for me, lol!  We will have red beans tonight simply because I put those babies in the crock pot last night.  Past tonight I have no clue what we will eat this week.  Thankfully I have a stocked freezer and some veggies.  Hopefully things will go smoother. 

But what I really need help with is some healthy crock pot recipes.  You see on the nights that the hubster has to work I have to feed him around 5ish.  I do not get home from work until 4ish, leaving me an hour in the kitchen.  Now to some that may be a reasonable amount of time.  If it is a a salad or breakfast night then we are good to go.  But on nights that require actually cooking……I can’t have it done in an hour.  Not that my recipes are that elaborate but………..I have two little boys that have homework, need snacks, laundry, cleaning, prep for the next work day, etc.  So I think you get the idea!

If I could spend that time devoted to only our meal I surely could do it within the hour.  However, duty calls!

So please share some of your favorite healthy crock pot meals with me (I’m talking other than soups/chili here, I have those down) or at the very least a favorite site that has crock pot meals. 

Have a great week!!

7 thoughts on “Menu Monday……help!”

  1. I don’t have many crock pot recipes, but I’m starting a link-up on Sundays where everyone lists recipes they want to try this week! Check it out if you’re looking for ideas 🙂

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