Throwback Thursday

Woo hoo, alright, yeah!!  The weekend is almost here(cue mysterious crazy elevator music…..I have no idea why this excites me since I am working Saturday morning)!!

But I am sure that all of you are shouting from the rooftops, right?  I really thought about giving you guys the regular old basic throwback Thursday post today, then I decided to just throw in some randomness….so here goes!

  1. I tried linguine with clam sauce for the first time last night and hated it!
  2. I ordered carob powder for the first time and hate it!  Give me regular old cocoa any day 🙂
  3. I ordered a bag of dried goji berries for the first time……I don’t hate them but not my fav.
  4. I ordered maca powder for the first time and love it!  Ha bet you thought I was going to say hated it 🙂

So there are three more things to add to my do not buy again list – goji’s, carob, and clams…..yuck!!!!

Now for some throwback Thursday…….

So now that I have made us all feel really, really old……..

How many of you are dying to go to the concert?  Yep, that’s right these three groups are doing a summer tour together this year.  The closest concert to me is a 4-5 hour drive, and I am seriously debating on going!!

Have a wonderful day 🙂

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