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Hello my name is Helen and…..

I’m a binge eater!  I think it is high time to fess up to this and own it.  I am not trying to mock people with eating disorders, or to down play the severity of their disorders, but I am one who occasionally suffers from the horror of binge eating.

Take last night for instance.  I ate chicken and dumplings (homemade mind you) for dinner.  With a small salad.  With a homemade chocolate/butterscotch chip cookie.  BUT……

I couldn’t stop there!  Now we did eat dinner at 5:00 due to the hubster’s new work schedule, which would require another small meal/snack in between dinner and bedtime.  This I know.  However, I didn’t mean to continue to shove food in my mouth all night long.

I watched the Oscar’s last night, as I am sure many of you did, which means I was up late.  Between dinner and bed I ate two more cookies, a scoop of frozen yogurt, popcorn, apple & nut butter, and a  few crackers with part of a laughing cow cheese wedge.  That is ridiculous!!

So let me back up a bit and say that I have been known to binge from time to time around the evening hours.  Usually when I do this it is because I didn’t eat much that day (out and about not stopping to eat) and feel starved, or it is because I am craving something that I can’t get my hands on so I try to compensate.  Neither one of those were the case last night.  I think it was mainly from so much eating out and alcohol from the week/end.

2013 006

You see we went to a Kid Rock concert Thursday night….what a blast….which means that we are dinner out, drank lots o beer, at brunch out Friday on the way home, had leftovers Friday night from Thursday, ordered fried chicken Saturday night due to a craving, had few more beers over the weekend, and finally ended it all with a super filling meal of homemade chicken and dumplings.  My body hates me right now!!

2013 008 2013 001

It was a super fun filled weekend, but I really feel horrible now.  My tummy was so yucky last night from all the junk I put in it 😦

But this made me realize that when I “fall of the wagon”  I really fall.  It isn’t usually a meal or two, it is an entire weekend.  I know better than this.  I know that one meal doesn’t have to derail your diet.  I am thankful that I do not binge very often, and I pray for those that do have such an ugly disorder to cope with.  I couldn’t even begin to understand how it would feel to live with this type of eating everyday of your life, so if you are a person that suffers from this please do not be offended by my post.  I am not trying to make light of the situation, but for me I know that I can get this back under control.  For that I am grateful!

So here is to getting back to a regular eating routine this week.  Full of healthier foods, snacks, and plenty of water!! 🙂

Menu for the week:

  • Monday – BBQ boneless ribs w/ spinach & apple salad
  • Tuesday – Backstrap w/ potatoes & gravy for the hubby – grilled meat & sweet potatoes for me 🙂
  • Wednesday – Chicken chili verde w/ cilantro lime rice
  • Thursday – Spaghetti w/ clam sauce & greek salad
  • Friday – leftovers
  • Saturday – bday party
  • Sunday – Spaghetti w/ meatballs or lasagna?? w/ garlic bread & cucumber/tomato salad

2 thoughts on “Hello my name is Helen and…..”

  1. It happens Helen. I’m the same way that’s why I try not to have too many cheat meals. I tend to go overboard and feel so horrible afterward. But you know what to do now. All we can do is move forward.

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