Menu Monday

Wow what a weekend!  I feel like I need a do over, anyone with me on this one?

We had a pretty busy weekend again.  I worked Saturday 1/2 day at the nursing home, had friends over for burgers that night, then a family dinner on Sunday.

Lot’s of food stuff going on this weekend.  Which means I really need to tighten up some this week as well 🙂

  • Monday – grilled fish, roasted cabbage, brown rice
  • Tuesday – Chicken tostadas, salad
  • Wednesday –  Roast w/ veggies, mashed potatoes & salad
  • Thursday – out to eat
  • Friday – leftovers

I am so excited about this week, yet super busy so several meals will need to be cooked in a slow cooker.  I am going to work Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons a couple of hours after school at the nursing home, which leaves me no time to actually cook.  This is the perfect opportunity for me to use my new crock pot that I purchased a week ago!!

We have a concert Thursday night so we will be in New Orleans that night requiring us to eat on the way into the city.  The hubster has a gift card for Copeland’s so we will use that while we have the opportunity to go out and eat.  I am excited but kinda saddened since my fav little place to eat out will not be open once we get there (which is why I agreed to Copeland’s).  They have a cute little diner (Johnny’s) in the Jackson Square area that has the best po’boys!  You know one of those places that the tourist usually do not know about 🙂  Well they close at 4:30 so we will not make it in time to eat, that just means we have to make a day trip into the quarter for shopping and food later 🙂

ANDDDD…… last night I placed a pretty big order on Amazon which should arrive this eve/tmrw so I will have a good haul video coming soon!! 

Have a fantastic week!!

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